Switch To VZW Services To Get Exclusive Benefits

VZW or Verizon Wireless is the legal name of the company and also known by the people with the same name. Rarely sometimes, it is also called a Cellco Partnership which is providing the largest telecommunication services all over the United States. With the same brand name, all its products and services are being marketed in America. With the increasing demand of people, till to date, more than 141.4 million people have got the Verizon services by getting its proper membership. The Headquarter of Verizon is situated in Basking Ridge in the New Jersey which was founded in 2000. Verizon is also providing the facility to the subscribers of other companies like Sprint & AT&T to switch to its services.

If you are using the services of other telecommunication company and now want to switch your services to Verizon then you have to go through the following procedure:

Service Switching Process:

  • In order to switch to Verizon service, you need to visit the link www.vzw.com/switch and go to its main page by using fast internet service.
  • When the main page will load, you will see a portal where you have to enter the promo code and purchase/order date and then click on “continue” button.
  • On the next step, you are required to upload final bill copy as per the option coming on the window screen.
  • After completion the above process, you have to now press “continue” button for finalizing next few steps to complete the switching procedure.

Support Center:

While switching its services, if you are facing any problem then you can freely contact the online support center of Verizon from where you can get all type of assistance for switching your network.