Get Started With The General Insurance Policy

The General Insurance Company has launched a policy management portal for their clients that they can access to manage their policy online 24/7. Their services are intended at providing maximum convenience to the policyholders and this is why they have designed this online policy management system. There is a wide range of policy management tools that a user can get benefit from after accessing the policy management system through a dedicated online account. To use the services that are offered through this account, you just need to get started with the General insurance policy account on their website.

Benefits For Registered Members

After you create your online account, you would become a registered member and will be able to enjoy many additional benefits. You can go through the complete information about the insurance policy and would be able to know who is covered. You would also be able to know the coverage that is applicable to the vehicles that you own. Through this account, you can also make online policy payments from anywhere and anytime. Because this portal is designed mobile-friendly, so you can even access and manage your policy information on the move.

Instructions For The General Insurance Policy Management Account Login

Launch a web browser on your personal computer or smart device, and then perform these simple steps to login into your policy account online:

  1. To access the policy management portal, follow the link: as it will take you to their official webpage.
  2. Now on the left-hand side of the page, you should see “Manage MyPolicy” form. There, just enter your policy number (or) email address and password. Hit “Login” button to get into your policy account. If you don’t want to provide a password for signing into the account next time, then also select the option “Remember Me” before clicking the “Login” button.

Now, you have learned how to successfully sign into your policy account. You can view policy details, view how you can report a claim, view your claim history, make a payment, get ID cards, and more. If you are new to this portal, then you should click “Create Account” button that you can see on the right-hand side of the page to register for this online account.