Change Sprint Billing Name By Uploading Legal Documents

Writing the wrong name on the bill of Sprint is not a big blunder as this mistake can be conducted by anyone. So you need not be worried at all, you are just required to submit some mandatory legal documents for the change of Sprint billing name. It is pertinent to mention here that by doing so the original owner will not change in the sprint account but it will remain the same just the name will be changed. If any mistake in the name has been conducted by you then you have to go through the proper legal documentation in a simple and easy way for the change of billing name. But if you have conducted major mistake then you have to approach there with complete legal documentation so that mistake can be rectified in a stipulated time period.

In order to rectify the major mistake, you have to go through the proper documentation as set by the Sprint Organization which are given below:

Process For The Change Of Name:

  • For changing the name of Sprint billing, you need to visit the link and go to the main site of Sprint by using high speed internet connection.
  • When you will come to its main page, you have to provide here some legal documents like marriage certificate or if you have divorced to your spouse then upload divorce decree papers.
  • You can also upload here any governmental legal document for the change of name or you can also establish contact at 866-866-7509 for resolving any persisting issue.

Overview Of Sprint Network:

It is the operator of the largest wireless network where almost 36000 employees are working. It is earning $30 billion on the annual basis. It is registered as a public company on the Stock exchange of New York U.S.