Join SBC Global Mail Through Yahoo Mail Service Online

In the current business situation, SBC is not operating its business as a separate identity because it has joined both AT&T as well as Yahoo Mail services. If you are going to explore the services of SBC Global mail, you will automatically be directed towards Yahoo mail and AT&T services. On this web page, you can easily get login access by providing your username and password in the respective window section. Due to the similarities and common business interest, all these companies are merged with each other by having a business partnership. If you want to go to the inbox of your email, then you are just required to provide mail username and password to access inbox. Before, SBC is working separately, but in the year 2005, both AT&T and SBC have merged each other and further these companies merged into Yahoo mail service, resultantly all their separate mail users have rehabilitated into Yahoo mail service automatically.

All mail users now can get mail access just by exploring the website of Yahoo mail for sending or receiving important business emails. Following are the important steps for accessing mailbox:

Important Steps For Email Service:

  • To get started with Yahoo mail service, you have to visit the link and get privilege of Yahoo! homepage.
  • You will automatically direct to the new Yahoo homepage, where you have to click on “login” button to get the access of mailbox. For login access, you are required to go through three important steps.
  • In the provided field, provide email ID of AT&T that is also known as SBC Global ID and enter the password in respective field for login access.
  • In the end, click on sign in button to get access to your email. If you are a new user, you may go to sign up for creating new email ID.
  • In order to get more info, you may visit to help corner or FAQs.

Features Of SBG Mail Box:

By getting the services of SBC Yahoo mail, you can easily create sub account by access an option of “My Account”. It is pertinent to mention here that you are not required to pay any charges for this service. It is totally free of cost.