Enroll At Chopper Rewards To Get Exclusive Benefits

If you are interested to get rewards as per your choice then it is very easy for you to avail chopper shopper rewards program. By availing this attractive program, you would be able to get saving up to 5% against each food that you will buy. For this purpose, you need to create a new account at the official site of chopper shopper. Not only can this but you also utilize your accumulated points in a quick trip and on the fuel station. In both cases, it is the first required to get rewards points and collect up to the reward limit assigned by Chopper Shopper. If you purchase foods from here then on spending each Dollar, you will get 2 rewards points against $1. Moreover, you can also avail the facility of reward point’s balance only every day or after a week.

If you want to save your purchases by getting reward points then it is the first required to get enrollment as per the following way:

Chopper Enrollment Process:

  • In order to avail the reward points program, you need to visit the link www.pricechopperrewards.com  and access the official website by exploring through the internet.
  • After accessing the main site, you will see there an option of “My Rewards” on the front page. Click on this option to proceed next.
  • As you come on the next page, you have to provide your email ID as well as password to get login access to your already registered account.
  • If you are a new visitor at this site then you have to click on “I have a rewards card” and provide all required information for sign up procedure.
  • On the new page, you need to provide your card number, first name, last name, contact number, email ID by retyping it, new password by retyping the same. Choose store from the drop-down list and then go next for completion of the enrollment procedure.

Join Today:

By joining or signing up at its official site, you would be able to check your earned rewards points at Chopper Shopper, email preference can be managed, you can update your shopping list and many other online services.