Make PerYourHealth Online Payments

You can access the PerYourHealth website where you need to make use of your user ID or account number to login to the online account. This online portal is created to let the registered members manage their personal account and make health care payments from the convenience of their homes. The only condition is that your health care provider must be using this service. If your healthcare provider uses this service, then you should find your billing number in order to log in to this account in case if you don’t have registered for this account yet. In today’s guide, you will learn how to make an online portal using this online system.

PerYourHealth Account Benefits

By accessing this online account, the registered member would be able to take several advantages to use the services of this account, you need to find your account number on the billing statement, and then you can make the online payments easily. This account offers you an easy and convenient way to make payments. You can use this portal from anywhere and anytime. Through this portal, you also have the option of setting up the recurring payments. For now, let’s see how a registered member can log in to this account to use its features and services.

Instructions To Make An Online Payment At Per Your Health

If you want to make online payments, then you should visit the Per Your Health website and log in to your online account. Here is how you can do it:

  1. To access this website, you should use the link: This is the link that will take you to their official webpage.
  2. Now, you will see a “Log On” option with an empty field. You need to enter your registered ID or account number from the billing statement in this field. After that, click the “Continue” button.

Now, you will get access to your online account and you can make a payment from there. If you don’t have access to the internet connection, then you can also make a payment by dialing their phone number that is 888.442.8447.