Get Pay Power Card And Reload It Online

Now prepaid MasterCard program facility can be used by reloading PayPower and with this facility, you can get security of card and cash services at your ease. If you have used your card for shopping purpose then you can manage your cash for 24/7 in a convenient way. It can also be reloaded by convenient and simple method. If you are going to reload your card with balance then cashier will first scan your card and then top up it with required balance. You are not required to have a visit only for reloading balance but you can also reload it through online way. For reloading through online way, you have to pay some extra charges. Moreover, by using this card, you can send the money to all of your family and friend in a fast and simple way.

Now you can get the facility and all services of this card keeping in view the following instructions:

How To Avail Services Of PayPower Card:

  • In order to get the services of Paypower card, you need to visit the link and go to its main site by using fast internet connection access.
  • When you will reach its official site, you will have to click on the button “get a card” and go to the next step.
  • On the new step, you need to enter your full name, address lookup, correct address information, contact number, DOB, email address, your social insurance #, select security questions, and new password by retyping it, accept all terms & conditions and finally click on “register” button.

Online Facility:

If you have availed the Facility of PayPower card, then you can get following online facilities:

  • There is no debt and no interest as it is a reloadable prepaid card.
  • By phone or in store, you can get shopping in a secure way
  • On every card activity, you will receive alerts.