Set Up My Vanilla Debit Card For Online Shopping

For the activation of Vanilla Debit Card, you have to visit its official site and provide some credential information so that you can easily get the sign in Vanilla Visa Cards or in Vanilla Master Cards. To get started with this procedure you have to follow some essential steps like first of all, provide your user ID and password that you have selected on the time of registration in the given fields for accessing your online account efficiently. For those cardholders who have not yet registered at its official site, they have to provide account number of debit card and 3 digits security code available on the back of the plastic card.

Like the other credit card, Vanilla Visa Card and Vanilla Master Card can be used easily and simply.  All the online features and benefits can be availed through this card just by activating. From the different options, you have to select “Checking” option for withdrawal of money.

Following are the procedural guidelines for activating Vanilla Card:

How To Set Up Card:

  • Initially, you are required to visit the link and access the main site by utilizing your web browser.
  • As you access the main page, you have to enter username and password to get “Sign in” to Vanilla Debit Card Account.
  • If you are a cardholder and do not have online account access, click on the below button “Set up Your Card” to proceed ahead.
  • On the next page, first, you have to select the option either you are having My Vanilla Card or Mio Money Card. Select one of them which you have.
  • Next, enter your card number in the given field, and CCV in the second field and finally click on “Submit” button.

Utilization Of Card:

Before getting shopping experience by using this card, you are required to know about available balance limit of this card so that you can shop as per available balance.