Get Started With U.S. Bank Rewards Card Services

Bank smarter! Use online Rewards Card account with U.S. Bank. Register your card effortlessly and browse all personal and consumer banking services. The card gives the convenience and reward of choice to recipients as they swipe the card out anywhere MasterCard/Visa debit cards are received as payment and track the transactions online anytime through a valid login.

First-time customers need to register to set up their online account. They will be able to choose from a wide collection of card designs, customize cards with a personal logo or mark a special message after logging in to the portal.

How To Access U.S. Bank Rewards Card Site?

  • First, you need to visit website.
  • Returning cardholders can sign in directly using card number. Three digit code and last four of the phone.
  • If your card is not registered, enter 9999 in place of your last four of the phone.
  • Press the login to access account information or start a new registration.

Benefits of access to the multipurpose account;

  • Register your card
  • View card transaction history
  • Check your card balance
  • flexibility and convenience
  • Manage phone, internet and catalog purchases.
  • savings and checking accounts service
  • student loans
  • best mortgages available
  • saving you time and cost

Why Rewards Card?

When it comes to business, Rewards Cards is the perfect option to show appreciations to your loyal customers and hardworking employees. It covers the perks for both recipients and purchasers. Are you looking for best employee incentives or awards choices? Rewards card will save you time and money. You can also use it as a promotional prize.

Incentive Of Choice For Cardholders:

Recipients can choose how, when and where to swipe the card to grab the rewards they actually want. Unlike store gift cards, you have an option of choice.

Always Appreciated!

Reward your employees for their hard work and vital part in the success of the business by executing the plans in a perfect way as well as thank your customers for their loyalty and trust on you.

Explore Everything Your Card Can Do For You:

Prepaid rewards card carries a fixed amount of funds determined exclusively by an organization at the time of issuance, allotting you as an official recipient of the promotional award or a royalty basis. The general consumer cannot purchase such cards. Pay for your purchases at participating locations from your balance through a simple swipe.

Handy Tools & Resources:

Say yes to online banking, mobile payments, card security features and credit wellness through card registration. It’s that simple.