Get Started With Chase J.P. Morgan Prepaid Account

J.P. Morgan Prepaid account portal is an ultimate source to access and manage your prepaid account through easy-to-use tools. Members can log in with valid credentials. If you have not set up your account yet, it is the high time to create one. Registration will allow you to activate your card, manage activities and keep a check on transactions and other information related to your account.

Have you done your registration already; you are a click away to Chase online.

How To Access Chase J.P. Morgan Prepaid Online Account?

  • Go to from your web browser.
  • You will be driven to the prepaid login portal.
  • Access your account details using valid login credentials.
  • Hit the “Log On” button.
  • Start new registration by choosing “Register New User” button to proceed in case you don’t have a user ID yet!
  • Start typing the required information such as user identification including card serial number, passcode and government ID (last six digits).
  • Press “Next” button and proceed to set up user ID/password to complete the application.

A Valid Log In Will Allow You To;

  • Retrieve login credentials information
  • Reset your PIN
  • Activate card with within few steps

Choose What’s Right For You!

You are all set to manage to invest & retirement planning, commercial banking, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, checking and business banking and more.

Access To Thousands Of Chase Location:

Your prepaid card allows you to access thousands of branches, Chase ATMs, and website to cover online services.

Follow Account Activities On The Go!

Download the mobile app to your Smart devices and track account details, transaction history and more while you are traveling.

Explore The Handy Features:

  • Make Purchases: Activate your card online and start purchases virtually.


  • Pay Bills: You can swipe your card at any merchant who accepts Visa debit cards.
  • Save On Fees: load your card and make cash withdrawals at any participating location.
  • Monitor Your Balance: keep a check on your balance through your account anytime anywhere. Or move your fingers to check balances on your mobile device.
  • Subscribe To Customized Alerts: Register your email or mobile phone number if you would like to receive text alerts.

Stay Protected:

All signup and account activity screens are protected and secure. They use chip technology to protect your information and card activities. Enjoy a threat-free trip with added security protection tools.