Access My Payment Manager For Online Bill Payment

By availing the facility of My Payment Manager, it has become easy and efficient to make your bills payment regularly with respect to some terms & conditions that when all bills will be controlled by you when these are done by Personal Financial transaction. Now it is not a burden to continue your billing payment. In order to get My Payment Manager facility, you have to get login access at its main website so that you can easily pay your bills. Now it has become very easy, simple and efficient to make your monthly billing payments without delay by controlling the budget line. For this purpose, a centralized dashboard facility will be given to users which is further utilized to check simultaneously the previous billing record, leftover account balance as well as track record. For availing this online facility is very simple and easy to manage. You have to enter your user name & Password to commence this facility.

In order to make bills payment, you are required to access this facility at the main website and log into account by follows the given instructions:

Procedural Steps For Activation Of Facility:

  • In the start, go to the link and get privileged of its homepage by using your web browser.
  • On its front page, you will see a dashboard of Payment Manager where you have to provide your accurate information to use the facility of bills payment and other ones.
  • In the first field, you are required to provide Member ID that you have received during registration and in the second field, enter the correct password and finally press “Login” button to have access of your online account.

Essential Note:

For prompt and quick accessing of My Payment Manager facility, now an android app with the name “Prism” has been introduced that is designed with special features of My Payment Manager so that method of payment can be easier for you.