Get Started With Norton Antivirus Account

Today, there are so many types of computer viruses, malware, and other such applications that can affect your computer files easily. But, if you want to keep your personal files and other important data secure from being damaged or lost, then you can rely on some top-of-the-line antivirus software, like Norton. Even the mobile devices, like a Smartphone, are not secure without the installation of an antivirus with the latest virus definitions. In this post, we will help you understand how you can access your Norton Antivirus on your personal computer. We will also let you understand why accessing this online account is necessary.

Why Access this Online Account?

If you have purchased this antivirus, then you must have also got the product key. You need to use this product key for managing subscriptions and accessing other services by logging into the online account on their website. This online account can be accessed anytime and from anywhere to enjoy the many benefits that most of the other companies are not offering to its customers. But before you are able to access this online account, you need to first register for this account. Create a unique user id and password for the safety and security of your online account.

Instructions For Accessing Norton Antivirus Account

Signing into this online account is really simple and fast. You don’t need to do anything special, but an internet connected computer and your product key are necessary. Here is how you can access this online account to use its features and services:

  1. Access the webpage that you need to visit for initiating the sign in process. You can access this page by using the link:
  2. Now on the slightly right-hand side of the webpage, you will find a small “Sign In” form. Fill up this form with information, like your account email and password, and then click the yellow “Sign In” button.

If you don’t want to provide your sign in details the next time you wish to login from this computer, then also select the option “Remember me on this device” before clicking the “Sign In” button.

This is how you can access your online account in order to use its features and services from wherever you are. If you don’t have this online account, then you should first create your account on the same webpage.