Login With Multiband To Get Network Access

Goodman Network is found and incorporated by Five Goodman brothers. From the very first day of this innovative network, they are concentrating on the technician who are fully solution based for providing both wireless connection as well as wire line. Strong team setup is working day and night with the promise to offer quality of services to all of its users. With the help of strong relationship and provision of quality network, they have generated almost $100 million revenue with the boosted network of Goodman. With the passage of time, company has extended its services and now they have also involved services of site construction of wireless phone. By consolidating individual’s performance and best customer services, they have reached up to the income of $700 million that is a milestone for Goodman network.

If you are a customer of Goodman network, then you can access its online account at the official website by having the following guidelines under consideration:

Directional Steps For Logging Into Account:

  • Initially, you are required to go to the link www.mymultiman.org and get access to its official site by utilizing the facility of installed internet browser.
  • As you accessed the main webpage, you will be allowed to provide your credential for getting login access for managing your online account.
  • If you want to get the login at Active Directory, then provide your AD user in the first field and AD Password in the second field and press “AD Login” button.
  • If you are multiMan user, then you have to provide your multiman user ID in the first field and MultiMan password in the second field. By entering accurate information, you have to press “Login” button to get access to your Multiman online account.

About Multiman:

Goodman network is involved in rendering many of talented, trusted and fully experienced technician who are assisting as an operator of network by maintaining & installing different programs at regional level and country level for providing services to retailers as well as to manufacturers.