Get Started With My Medical Payments Portal

In order to make online payment through a secure basis is not an easy task. It is a complete process which should be known to everyone. Basically, many people refuse to choose online payment method as they are of the opinion that online payment is not a secure method as security in online payment is a fundamental element. Similarly to other online payment modules, My Medical Payment has also rendered online payment facility to all patients who want to make online payments against the medical service which they have obtained from doctors. This online module is secure and safe in all respects.  Suppose a patient has taken an appointment with a consultant after a complete checkup, payment can easily be made through an online secure way by using My Medical Payment. Furthermore, this online facility can be used for the payment of Health Insurance in a secure mode.

In order to avail this online facility, all customers are allowed to get paid payment medical bill through easy clicks at a time, which is given below:

Sign In Procedure Using Account Number:

  • For sign in you have to visit and get the privilege of its official site through an internet browser.
  • On its front page, you will see a portal through which you can get the sign in the facility by using your account number.
  • In this portal, first enter your account number in the first field, in the second field enter your identity by selecting patient phone number or first 4 digits of social security number from the drop-down
  • In the last, enter patient’s date of birth and by click on terms & condition, press button “Sign In” to finish.

Payment Method:

After getting services from the hospital, we will get 2 types of bills; one is from the hospital for getting medication and other hospital charges and a second bill is from a consultant for providing medical consultancy.