Access My License Site To Legalize Concealed Weapons

Florida Department of a concealed weapon is working hard for providing full support and full responsibility for protection to the people of the state so that they can be protected from dishonorable business practices. This can only be possible with lawful regulations and with the help of licensure. Investigative facilities and recovery services are being rendered by this department to the general public. Furthermore, the responsibility of this department is to issue a concealed weapons license against firearms. After getting proper weapon license, you would be able to be more secured and protected as compared to those people who are using weapons without proper license facility.

If you are the owner of any weapon and you want to register it through this department then you have to contact this department and follow the given instructions to apply for new weapon license:

Process To Apply For License Of Concealed Weapons:

  • In order to apply for new weapon license, you need to visit the link and go the main site by using reliable internet connection.
  • When you will come to its official page, there will be an option of “Apply for concealed weapon license”. Press this button to proceed further for application process.
  • On the next page, you need to select option “concealed weapons or Firearm License Application” so that you can easily download the application form.
  • Next, you have to follow the screen instruction to complete the process of online application and providing of your fingerprints to “Sheriff’s Office” and complete your application along with sending your official address.

Problem In Applying:

If you are facing any problem by filling your online application form for license purpose, you have to go to the “Contact” option available on the same page on the top of the website. Through this option, you can promptly get contact with the management of the company for expedite resolution of the persisting issue.