Login My Hanover Policy Account Online

When you experience a property loss, then it would definitely be a depressing moment. This is one of those problems that create stress and cause disruption in your life. At that time, something that can work well in your favor is a smooth claim experience. Hanover is here to assist you with the claims process and the thing that you should expect, whenever you need such services. After filing a claim, an adjuster will manage the details and help you throughout the process of filing claims. You will be given a statement copy for the loss estimation that will clarify the replacement cost and help you in recovering your amount.

What Can Be Covered By Insurance?

The services are available for both individuals and businesses. The insurance for the individuals covers auto, homeowner, renters, condo, boat, identity fraud protection, and the valuable items coverage. The insurance for businesses covers marine, surety, management liability, professional liability, risk-management solutions, and the specialty coverage. On their website, you can easily find the agent doesn’t matter if you are looking for the business or personal insurance. You can do this all by just login My Hanover Policy account online.

Instructions For My Hanover Policy Account Login

To log in to the policy account, you should power on your internet-connected personal computer and follow these steps:

  1. In the address bar of your web browser, copy the link www.myhanoverpolicy.com and hit the enter button on the keyboard. This is how you will be able to visit the official policy account webpage.
  2. After reaching the policy account page you will see a couple of empty blocks, such as username and password. Also click “remember me” option, if you want to login to the account without providing the username and password next time. Finally, click “Log In” button to sign into your online account.

If you have forgotten your password, or you want to change your password, then use the links “forgot username” and “change password” that is available on the same page.

Are You A New User?

If you are visiting this portal for the first time, then you need to first register for the policy account. To register, please click the “Create an account” link that is available on the bottom side of the page.