Get Started With My Haiku Learning Account

Haiku Learning is a K-12 learning program that is created to help you experience a greater learning experience with digital learning. It is a cloud-based service that educates you on digital learning. The learning through this portal rotates around the individualized content by creating classroom pages, adding content blocks, changing layouts, and publishing when you are up to it. To access the services offered through this program, you need to login to the online account that is also recognized as PowerSchool Learning Solo Account.

Account Features

This online account helps you create a cloud-based content right from conception to the sharing and keeping in touch with the administrators. After signing into this online account, you will also receive assignments, grades, and feedback in an easy manner. You can access all these features from anyplace, anytime that makes this learning system great. Creating the online account is really simple and you can do it in a few minutes. After that, you can easily sign into your account to access the features that it offers.

Instructions To Sign In To Haiku Learning Online Account

In order to access this online account for managing the account services or features, you should follow these instructions:

  1. To access the services and features of this online learning program, you should visit their official webpage. To access the webpage, please follow the link:
  2. Now, you will be on the login page where you can see a Sign in the form in the middle of your computer screen. There, you can provide your username and password, and then click the green “Sign in” button. Or, you can also click “Sign in with Google” button to login using your Google account.

After you log in to the online account, you can use all the services and features of this account free of cost. Doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can use the services of this online account. If you have any issues, while trying to sign in, then you should check your internet connection.

If you are new to this website, then you can register for the account by using the link “New to PowerSchool Learning?” link that is located on the bottom of this webpage.