Activate Your Phone With My Walmart Family Mobile

You can now activate your phone at the Walmart Family Mobile website. Activating your new mobile is now quite easy, fast, and at the convenience of your fingertips. Doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can activate your device by just doing a couple of steps online. On the same webpage, you can also perform some other activities, like adding a line, shopping phones, monthly service plans, international long distance, and more. You can also explore plans, extra line discounts, coverage and great deals on the same webpage.

Phone Activation is Simple

Activating your phone is not only simple, but it is fast too. The activation portal also allows you to either activate a family mobile phone, or you can also bring your own mobile phone and activate it. So, doesn’t matter if you have a T-Mobile powered the phone or have a carrier-free phone, you can use this online portal for phone activation. For phone activation, you should have the phone to activate, starter kit, and the driving license or the personal ID.

Instructions To Activate Your Phone At Walmart Family Mobile

You simply need to use your internet-connected computer to activate your mobile phone. Here are the instructions to activate your mobile phone on this portal:

  1. Initiate the mobile phone activation process by following the link: At this moment, make sure that you have your phone, starter kit, and the personal ID or driving license handy.
  2. After reaching the phone activation portal or website, you can see “Activate” option in the menu of the website. Click this option and choose whether you want to activate a family mobile phone or you want to bring your own phone. Click “Continue” button to proceed with a particular option.

After selecting one of the two options, you should enter your SIM card number/ICCID and click “Continue” after accepting their terms and conditions. After that, get a plan and go through the phone setup to finish activating your mobile phone.

If you want to provide feedback on your recent experience, then you can also click the “Feedback” option that is available on the right-hand side of the page. For further assistance, please click “Help” option in the menu of the website.