Login MyCCI Customer Portal Login

The FairPoint, after being a part of the Consolidated Communications has created the MyCCI Customer Portal. Are you one of their customers who want to ensure accuracy and privacy, when using this portal? If yes, then you can rest assured because they are very strict in terms of their customer privacy and preciseness. The information that you share with them to register for this online service will be kept secure and private by the company. This is a guide to help you know how to login to this customer portal. We will also be discussing why you should register for this portal before showing you the login process.

Why This Customer Portal?

There are plenty of services and features that the company offers you through this single account. After logging into this system, you can check your payment history, view payment orders, view appointments, and troubleshoot service problems. You can also update your contact preferences after signing into this account. Another great benefit is that you can also make payments. You can submit the support tickets, seasonally suspend & restore the eligible services and much more. For a complete list of services and features, please go to their official website.

Instructions For MyCCI Customer Portal Login

So, don’t you think that you should be a part of this customer portal by logging into this account? If yes, then please follow the simple steps that are as below:

  1. You need to access the official customer login page on the web to get the things started. To visit this page, please use the link: www.myfairpoint.com
  2. Now on the left-hand side of this webpage, you will find “Username” and “Password” fields. Fill up those two fields with the required information, and then click “Log In” button to sign in to your customer portal account.

Now, you can access all the services and features of this online account from your account. After using this account’s service, don’t forget to sign out to make sure that your information stays safe and private.

Important Links

On the right-hand side of this page, you can use some important links. For example, you can click “User Guide” link to know how this system works. You can also click “Security Notice” link to go through the important security information. Click “reset my password” link to recover your forgotten password and if you have any questions, then click “Frequently Asked Questions”.