Get Enrolled With JRM Racing Da$h Online

Now any individual who is a legal resident of United States can participate in the promotion of JR Da$h. If the participant is living in the State of Alabama and want to get an entry in the promotion, must be at the age limit of 19 years or above, but it is only for Alabama state. For other states, 18 years and above age is enough to get an entry. This facility has also been opened for siblings, children, spouse, parents or any household member can also take part in this promotion. In order to win out the promotion, you have to go through the total 4 races and 4 chances. There are different categories of prizes like a grand prize or a secondary prize. If you have won the grand prize, it means you have won $888 as a JR Motorsports victory and if you have won a secondary prize, it is further categorized in 8 different sub-prizes.

Now, it is very easy to take part for getting the chance to win these prizes just by getting registration at its main website as per the following guidelines:

JRM Registration Process:

  • In order to get registration at JRM, you need to visit the link and go to the official site by using high-speed internet connection.
  • Upon arrival its home page, availability of online registration form can be viewed which is used for registration purpose for getting started in the promotion.
  • In the required fields, you have to provide your full name detail, your zip code, email address and in the end, you have to “submit” your filled form after clicking on checkboxes.

Grand Prize & Secondary Prize:

If any eligible has entered in the chance of prize-winning, you would be able to get Grand prizes or Secondary Prizes. In secondary prize, you have the pack value of the prize is $88 as well as many other prizes.