Activate Global Cash Card To Make Easy Payment

Global Cash Card is exciting news for everyone who is utilizing this facility. This technical system can easily be availed and adopted by the any of the organization so that they can effectively manage the employee’s salaries, monthly disbursement of payroll through the total paperless environment.  By adopting this advanced system, not only an employee but the employer can also avail the benefit in regard to time and money saving effectively and efficiently. By adopting this facility, the employer can save up to $3 on each check and employee can easily get the access of paycheck.  If you are working in a company and you have obtained your Global Cash Card and you want to activate this facility to use it in confirmation of paycheck and online access then you have to explore its official website for its activation. You must be an extra vigilant for using this card as it has purchasing power.

In order to activate your Global Cash Card, you are required to visit its official site by having the following guidelines for your consideration:

How To Activate GCC:

  • To get started with GCC activation, you are required to visit the link and explore its main website page by having an internet connection.
  • As you reach its front page, you will see “do you a card with us?” click yes to proceed further for the Global Cash Card activation process.
  • Onward, you are required to press “Yes” button and then provide the required GC Card number in the given field and expiry date of GCC that you can get from the back of the card.
  • Afterward, provide security digits and click on “Continue” button. In the next field provide your card PIN, but so far you have not created it, you can enter four digits as a PIN code.
  • In the end, follow the online registration process in order to get activated your card.

GCC Online Benefits:

By activating your Global Cash Card, you would be able to save your time and money as follows:

  • Reporting and real-time transactions can be accessed and managed.
  • Free of cost online customer service facility can only be accessed by Cardholders of GCC.
  • Many of promotions and rewards can also be availed by cardholders.