Return Gap Purchased Item To Get Your Refund

In order to meet the need of customers as per current era, Gap is continuously involved in providing exclusive products and services. If you are in aim to buy any of the stylish products of the Gap then you can easily visit any of the Gap store available nearer to you or if it is difficult for you to physically visit any store, you can also get this facility by placing an online order. If you have purchased few items through online way then mostly you will like all the products but if you do not like any of them due to size, color then you can easily contact with customer services for the return or replacement of the item. Company will definitely coordinate with you for return or replacement goods. The total time for returning product is approx. 45 days from the first purchasing date.

If you want to return any purchased item to GAP due to size or color then you have to go through the following procedure:

Process For Returning Purchased Goods To GAP:

  • In order to start the returning process at Gap, you need to visit the link and go to its main site by using fast internet connection.
  • When you will come to the main page of Gap, you will have to generate your UPS or USPS label interactive process through which you can return it.
  • First of all, you have to pack your package as per the rules of return and put the original invoice inside the package before start dispatching the package.
  • On the packed package, you have to paste label on it with the compliance that no other label should be pasted on it.
  • After preparing your package from all aspect, drop your package to near post office for courier through UPS.

Refunding Of Item:

As receiving the package at company’s end, they will refund the merchandise cost immediately by confirming the completion of the return process through email. In case of credit card, you will get your refund within the next 10 days.