Access DIRECTV To Submit Identity Theft Claim Of Account

DIRECTV is now considered as best and number one network in America. It is engaged in providing Satellite TV with HR results, sports with full of customer satisfaction. It is using the satellite transmissions medium for the provision of HR Television and audio services as per customer demand with subscription method. By getting a subscription at its official site, you would be able to watch satellite radio services, subscribed television services, different stations networks, broadcast television networks and private video services.

If you have availed this service then you can simultaneously record five shows at a time. Company is also providing all these services in secured mode and giving identity theft facility to all subscriber with the following guidelines:

Guidelines To Be Followed:

  • In order to get claim of identity theft, you need to visit the link and go to the main site by using fast internet service.
  • When the main page will load, you will see two option of “Yes” or “No” confirming that either you have already submitted claim or not.
  • If not yet then you  have to enter here your full name detail, contact number, email address, mailing address with SSN and choose email and contact number you can be touched  easily.
  • After providing all above detail, you have to write your disputed account number for which you are going to submit your claim.
  • Upon the completion of above form, you are now required to attach required documents like Credit report or police report and identity theft affidavit and click on “Continue” button to go next where you have to enter your incident number.

Different Brand Name:

If you visit the market, you will find different brand name having the same pronunciation. It is therefore informed to all users to be cautious before getting a subscription at DIRECTV.