Enroll At ClinCard To Get Exclusive Benefits

Now you can use your Clin MasterCard on all point of sales where MasterCard is being accepted. If you are currently using ClinMasterCard then you can get the facility of the card to make purchases easily just by using this card and your transactional amount will be deducted from the backend available balance in your account because Clin MasterCard is just like a prepaid card. You can easily make purchases as per your demand and requirement till the end of the available balance, but if it has finished then you are not more allowed to make further purchases from this card. This card is used at restaurants, at gas filling stations, at all types of grocery stores and even everywhere MasterCard is accepted. Now by getting access of online account, you can avail a number of online benefits like in-store purchases or online purchases transactions are totally free.

To get the right usage of Clin Card, you are first required to enroll your card at its website as per the following instructions:

ClinCard Registration Process:

  • In order to receive maximum benefits from ClinCard, you need to visit its official site by browsing the link www.clincard.com with the help of internet explorer.
  • When you will reach its main page, there will be availability of “GreenPhire” on which you have to enter the credential of username & password for logging into the account.
  • If you are a new cardholder and want to create a new account then you have to click on the button “Create an account” to proceed.
  • You will be led to a new page where it is necessary to enter first your card number, User ID, email address, new password with confirmation and in the end click on “Register Account”.

Management Features:

By registering your ClinCard at its official site, you would be able to manage your account for checking card summary, card activity, account statement, replace the card, file a dispute and contact support easily and conveniently.