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Credit Reporting can be described as the total transactions or set of transactions, repayment history, total debtors and creditors within the financial year are referred to as Credit Reporting. The total debt burden, as well as credit scoring, can be calculated by getting the benefit of credit reporting for further critical and trend analysis. If any of the organization has obtained credit reporting then they can decide that what is the current financial position of the company and to meet the financial expense, how much loan is needed? And how will they overcome the budget for next year? Now with the assistance of Equifax, Experian and the Government of United States has provided facility to get credit reporting without paying a single penny. Due to this facility by the service providers, it is considered as best credit reporting organization. It is pertinent to describe that the free of cost facility of credit reporting is given within a financial year only once, but for acquiring credit report for the second time, you have to some certain sum of amount to these organizations.

If you are running a company and want to get free of cost credit reporting, you have to follow the below-mentioned important guidelines:

How To Obtain Free Credit Report:

  • To get started with free credit reporting service, you have to visit the link and access the homepage with the help of internet browser.
  • As you come on the first page, you will see a button “Get Your Free Credit Report”, click on this button to move ahead.
  • You will be led to the next page where you have to provide necessary and mandatory information in four different steps.
  • As you come on the 1st step, you are required to enter your first name, last name, middle initial and suffix.
  • Next, provide zip code, city, state, phone number and email address which are essential in the first step.
  • In the end, select the reason for checking credit report from the drop-down list and click on submit and continue button.
  • You will then be preceded to next step # 2. Similarly, complete all steps and finish to see your final credit report.

Credit Report Facility:

You have to get sign up facility for getting credit reporting which is available for 7 days. If you will not cancel out this service, you will be charged the certain sum of amount against this facility.