Apply For BP Credit Card Online

Have you received the acceptance certificate from the SYNCB notifying you that you are eligible for their credit card? If yes, then you can grab the opportunity right today. Applying for a BP credit card is no more a hassle of time or a time-consuming process. The Synchrony Bank is helping its customers submit credit card applications online that is a fast and the easiest way to get their credit card. You just need to turn on your personal computer and apply for the credit card using the information that is available on the acceptance letter of the bank.

You Can Also Create Your Online Account

After you get your credit card, you can also register for the online account that will offer you some additional features and benefits. Some of the online services that you can access through online account include email and text alerts, paperless statements, and recurring the payments online. You will also be able to keep track of your transaction history through this online account. So, it means that you are going to get multiple benefits after grabbing their credit card offer. Here is how you can respond to your card offer.

Instructions to Apply for a BP Credit Card

To apply for the credit card after you have received the acceptance certificate, you should follow these steps on your personal computer:

  1. Open the link on any web browser of your choice. The first step is completed because you will be on the credit card application page right after that.
  2. Now, you can clearly see that there are two empty blocks “Authorization Code” and “Last Name” along with other information on the page. Read the information and enter your authorization code that is available on your acceptance certificate. This is a 9 digit code and after entering this code you should provide your last name, and then hit the “Submit” button.

Now, confirm the information on the next page, and then go to the results page to finally submit your credit card information. The information that you provide on this website will be kept secure and confidential by the bank. For more information, you can get in touch with their support team.